22nd September 2020

Line Marking Systems

When an open space has clear and consistent line markings on the floors – whether it is a warehouse, a factory, a car parks, or other industrial and public spaces – it turns what could otherwise be a rather chaotic space into somewhere this is uniform, systematic and universally understood. Line marking systems are visual and most are pictorial, so easily grasped by someone no matter what language they speak. Here at MCG Epoxy Coatings, we specialise in epoxy resin and polyurethane flooring systems, as well as lending our hands to line marking systems are a decade working within the industry.

The Importance of Line Marking Systems

You may have heard resin bound surfacing being referred to as ‘stone carpet’ as it gives the smooth appearance of being laid like a carpet, and is able to incorporate different patterns. Resin bound surfacing involves a mixture of aggregate stones and resin, created by using a forced action mixer. It is often overlaid across a tarmac or concrete bed in areas such as driveways, small car parks and footpaths.

Road Line Markings

A type of line marking that we use in our daily lives is road line markings.  Arrows show us which direction to go, ‘Give Way’ markings help us to understand the ways of the road, yet they can also help to signal pedestrian crossings, and all come together to make the road a safer place.

Private Site Line Markings

Away from the public road, there are still many areas where manoeuvring vehicles is a part of the daily activities. An example of line markings on private sites includes those for HGVs in goods yards and forklift trucks in warehouses. Although not a vehicle, line markings can also be useful on shop floors where there are hand operated roll cages around customers and staff members.

Industrial Line Markings

Other than areas with high traffic, as we have suggested, industrial machinery often needs an exclusion zone to ensure that personnel do not get too close to electrical components or moving parts. It can also help deter staff from the area when an individual is working with specific machinery. Line markings can also help to keep storage areas neat and orderly, lessening the risk of falls on any potential trip hazards. This is paramount if you are storing any hazardous materials or waste.

Don’t Delay, Get Your Line Markings Today

As we believe that line markings are such an important aspect of health and safety, we recommend that whenever a new floor is installed, you should have safety marking applied as soon as possible in order to best protect people. Typically, yellow lines are used to delineate aisle ways, traffic lanes and work areas, while black and yellow striped lines represent hazardous areas.  Additionally, orange boxes refer to items awaiting inspection, and red lines are for defective and scrap product storage. 

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