21st February 2020

All About Our Line Marking Services

Clear and consistent line markings on the floors of warehouses, factories, car parks, and other industrial and public spaces can save lives and make for an environment which protects the interests of property owners and visitors alike.  The most common application for industrial line marking Preston is to segregate vehicular and foot traffic, but as will soon become clear there are many other situations in which the health and safety of employees at your business could be enhanced by internal line marking Preston.

The most common types of floor markings which we all encounter in everyday life are road markings.  Arrows, box junctions, ‘Give Way’ markings, pedestrian crossings, the dashed lines which separate lanes of traffic – they all contribute to our safety on the roads.  Imagine how difficult every car journey would be without road markings to ensure everyone drove in an orderly manner.

But out on the public road is not the only time vehicles and pedestrians come into contact with each other.  HGVs in goods yards, forklift trucks in warehouses, even hand operated roll cages on shop floors – all of these can constitute a health and safety hazard if they were to hit a pedestrian, or each other.

MCG Epoxy Coatings are a company who supply industrial flooring and industrial floor painting Preston and throughout the UK.  Thanks to our floor line painting Preston industrial premises are as safe as they can be for staff and visitors.  When you have a new floor installed at your workplace, it makes sense to have safety marking applied as soon as possible for everyone’s protection.  We are specialists in laying epoxy and resin flooring systems, which offer many advantages over traditional types of flooring in industrial settings.

It isn’t only high traffic areas which benefit from the installation of epoxy line marking Preston.  Industrial machinery often requires an exclusion zone to make sure personnel do not get too close to electrical components or moving parts.  When storage areas are kept neat and orderly, there is less chance of anyone falling foul of a trip hazard, or injuring themselves while moving stock.  Orderliness is especially important when dealing with hazardous materials of waste, and the safe handling of all of these can be augmented by industrial floor painting Preston.

Whether you choose high build epoxy flooring, polyurethane screed or decorative quartz flooring, with our industrial line marking services Preston warehouse managers can demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of their staff.  There are recommended standards for floor safety markings, and we apply these whenever we are called in to perform floor marking Preston.

Usually, yellow lines are used to delineate aisle ways, traffic lanes and work areas, while black and yellow striped lines represent hazardous areas.  Orange boxes are for items awaiting inspection, while red lines are for defective and scrap product storage.  It’s simple with warehouse floor line marking Preston from MCG.

When searching for floor marking contractors Preston businesses should contact MCG Epoxy Coatings for thoroughly professional service and results.

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