16th December 2020

Epoxy Coatings Within The Industry

Epoxy resin flooring systems are ideal for a vast range of industrial applications.  Here are just some of the industries MCG Epoxy Coatings have provided floor coatings for.

Epoxy Coatings In Warehouses

Warehouses and industrial storage spaces are one of the main applications for continuous flooring systems. Warehouse flooring must stand up to the toughest of conditions, including repeatedly being driven on by loaded goods vehicles and forklift trucks.

Add to this the wear and tear inflicted by permanent fixtures such as storage racking and conveyors, and it’s easy to see why resin flooring in warehouses needs to be the last word in toughness.

Epoxy Coatings In Aerospace

Aircraft hangers also have their own peculiar type of vehicular traffic, but here cleanliness is even more important.  When we install resin flooring for aerospace flooring, it’s important to get the surface perfectly smooth and level for the sake of the expensive machines which are in the area.

Epoxy Coatings In Public Sector Facilities

By choosing to install high quality epoxy resin floor finishes in public sector properties, the agencies responsibly for the buildings can lead by example in terms of utility and cleanliness.  Most managers go for resin flooring in public sector industrial premises because they are answerable for their decisions, and the benefits of these systems are plain to see.

Epoxy Coatings In Automotive Premises

From production line factories, to showrooms, to repair workshops, automotive workshop flooring is ubiquitous.  Long lived and hard wearing yet smart and professional, floor finishes in automotive premises need to be easy to clean in case of oil or fuel spills.

Epoxy Coatings In Healthcare

The need for easy to clean floor finishes in healthcare facilities is obvious.  Many contractors installing resin flooring in healthcare settings need products which will not only cover the floor, but adhere to the wall too to create a ‘bathtub’ effect which can be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

The same goes for epoxy coatings in pharmaceutical laboratories and plants.  This is an environment where even the slightest speck of dust can cause a serious problem.  Using resin flooring for pharmaceutical flooring is the only way to achieve a satisfactory result.

Epoxy Coatings In Food And Drink Industries

Commercial industrial kitchen flooring, as well as restaurants and cafes, must stand up to being cleaned several times a day for years without developing cracks which may harbour bacteria.  Because it not only stays clean but also looks clean, resin flooring in food and drink establishments will inspire customers with confidence.

Epoxy Coatings In Retail And Commercial Premises

Retail flooring and commercial premises offers business owners a whole range of options.  From the mirror shine of self-smoothing finishes which can be cleaned so thoroughly you could eat of them, to the modern and glamourous appearance of a decorative quartz screed, high quality floor finishes in retail and commercial properties will impress your clients and win you business.  Contact us to learn more.

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