18th January 2021

Epoxy Floor Paint Preparation

Resin floor systems are now the standard choice for warehouses, factories and garages.  But some installers still struggle to get good results, and may think they have received a sub-standard product.  The fact is that if you know how to prep a garage floor for epoxy, you can get great results from any of our lines.  Read on to learn more.

Epoxy floor products can be used for a vast range of applications.  From industrial environments where a hard-wearing and durable surface is needed, to a commercial setting which will see high footfall and will be regularly cleaned, to domestic garages and workshops where a well-laid floor can last for many decades, the various epoxy floor system products available from MCG Epoxy Coatings can be used in different ways to create the ideal floor surface for almost any situation.

When a building is being renovated for your needs, it pays to go the extra mile and ensure that it will be completely fit for its intended purpose.  Structural layout, power distribution, heating and ventilation, access and security, and many other factors must all be carefully considered.  Having a smooth, high quality epoxy floor laid is really just the icing on the cake.

In fact, laying a resin flooring surface is like icing a cake in more ways than one.  How?  Well first of all, no confectioner with any pride in their products would take a slap-dash attitude to baking the main part of the cake, with the intention of covering the imperfections with icing afterwards.  They would want to get every step of the process right, so that when the cake is cut, everyone can see the effort and skill which have gone into the creation.  Likewise, good surface preparation for epoxy flooring is key to achieving a smooth and lasting finish.  Granted, no-one is likely to come and set about your warehouse or garage floor with a cake knife!  But there are steps you can take to make your epoxy floor work out, even if you don’t have the best substrate to start with.

Just like cake icing, epoxy floor paint forms a smooth, thin layer which ‘grabs’ the underlying surface, upon which it relies for support.  Therefore, the first step in epoxy floor paint preparation is to completely remove any dust and debris, an also any loose or crumbling material from your concrete floor.  Fail to do so, and the painting process will be like trying to ice a cake with a crumbly surface – bits will just keep breaking off, and you won’t be able to achieve a smooth, unbroken finish.  Any cracks or holes should then be filled.

After cleaning with a degreaser and vacuuming the next stage of epoxy resin floor preparation is to abrade the surface.  This is to give your ‘icing’ something to cling to, and stop it peeling away from the ‘cake’.  For more detailed or specific guidance on how to prep a garage floor for epoxy paint, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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