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At MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited, based in Lancashire and extending services throughout the North of England, we understand the critical role that resin flooring plays in the functionality and safety of factory settings.
Our expert team is dedicated to providing high-quality, durable, and efficient resin flooring solutions tailored specifically for the unique demands of factories.

Our Resin Flooring Solutions for Factories

MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited offers a variety of resin flooring options, each selected to address different aspects of factory requirements:
Epoxy Resin Factory Flooring: Renowned for its strength and durability, epoxy resin flooring is an ideal choice for factories. It can handle heavy loads, resist chemical spills, and is easy to clean, making it suitable for areas with heavy machinery and high traffic. Epoxy flooring provides a smooth, seamless surface that enhances the movement of materials and equipment across the factory floor.
Polyurethane Resin Factory Flooring: This type of flooring is particularly valued for its elasticity and shock-absorbent properties, which make it suitable for areas of the factory where delicate operations occur. Polyurethane is also resistant to thermal shock and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for factories with significant fluctuations in temperature.
Antistatic Resin Factory Flooring: In factories where electronic components are manufactured or where flammable materials are handled, antistatic flooring is crucial. This flooring option helps to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, thereby reducing the risk of sparks and ensuring the safety of both workers and products.

Installation Process for Factory Flooring

Our installation process is designed to ensure minimal disruption to factory operations while delivering a high-quality finish:
Site Assessment: We conduct a thorough evaluation of the existing factory floor to determine specific needs, identify any potential issues, and plan the best approach for the new flooring installation.
Surface Preparation: Proper surface preparation is critical to the success of the flooring installation. We prepare the factory floor by cleaning it thoroughly and making necessary repairs. Techniques such as diamond grinding or shot blasting are used to ensure that the surface is perfectly level and ready for the application of resin.
Resin Floor Application: Our skilled technicians apply the resin meticulously, ensuring that it spreads evenly to create a uniform and durable surface. Depending on the specific needs of the factory, we incorporate additional features such as line markings, safety zones, and demarcation areas during this phase.
Curing and Finishing: The curing time for resin floors varies based on the type of resin used and the ambient conditions. We monitor this process carefully to ensure optimal hardness and durability. Once cured, we conduct a final inspection to ensure that the floor meets all safety and performance standards.

Understanding the Needs of Factory Flooring

Factory floors face a multitude of challenges, including heavy machinery operation, high foot traffic, potential chemical spills, and the need for easy maintenance and cleaning. The factory floor must be robust to withstand these conditions without degrading, while also providing a safe environment for workers. The flooring must minimise slip hazards, resist abrasions and impacts, and contribute to the overall productivity of the facility.

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Why Choose MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited for Your Factory Flooring?

Opting for MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited means choosing a factory flooring expert who understands the demands of industrial environments. Our factory flooring solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce maintenance costs. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest flooring technology to provide durable and long-lasting floors.
For factories across the North of England, MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited offers reliable, robust, and efficient flooring solutions that stand up to the challenges of industrial operations. Whether you are building a new factory or upgrading an existing facility, our team is ready to provide expert advice and superior installation services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your factory with a resin flooring solution that supports productivity and ensures a safe working environment.

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