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At MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited, one of the leading resin flooring contractors in Chester, we specialise in providing specialist resin flooring solutions tailored to meet the distinct resin flooring needs of commercial and industrial companies in Chester.



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Resin Flooring – The Ideal Choice?


Our expertise in delivering durable, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional resin floors is evident in every project we undertake, particularly in the vibrant town of Chester. As a company deeply rooted in the North West of England, we pride ourselves on offering our extensive resin floor installation services not only in Chester but across the entire region, ensuring quality and precision in every floor we install.


Resin flooring is a premier choice for businesses looking for a robust, long-lasting surface. These resin floors are crafted by mixing a specific formula that chemically bonds to create a resilient layer, ideal for handling the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial environments in Chester. The mixture typically comprises a base resin, a hardening agent, and various additives that enhance the floor’s properties, such as resistance to chemicals, slip resistance, and overall durability. This type of resin flooring is particularly suited to areas with heavy foot traffic or where machinery is used, making it a versatile option for a multitude of settings.

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In Chester, our resin flooring installation services are designed to cater specifically to the local market, encompassing everything from initial consultations and tailored floor design to professional installation and diligent aftercare. We start by understanding the specific needs of your premises in Chester, considering factors like expected traffic, exposure to harsh chemicals, and your desired aesthetics. This comprehensive approach ensures that we recommend the best type of resin flooring—be it epoxy, polyurethane, or methyl methacrylate (MMA)—each known for their unique benefits.

Epoxy resin floors are famed for their strength and resilience, making them an excellent choice for factories, garages, and warehouses in Chester, where durability is paramount. Polyurethane floors offer superior chemical and temperature resistance, ideal for kitchens, labs, and processing plants that encounter frequent spills and variable temperatures. MMA floors, recognised for their quick curing times, are perfect for businesses in Chester that need a fast turnaround to minimise downtime, such as retail stores and hospitality venues.

Resin Flooring Installation Chester


Our installation process adheres to the highest standards. We ensure the substrate is adequately prepared—via methods like diamond grinding or shot blasting—to guarantee a flawless adhesion of the resin. Our skilled team in Chester applies the resin meticulously, achieving a seamless finish that not only looks impressive but also stands up to the demands of high-traffic environments. For businesses in Chester looking to enhance the appearance of their spaces, we offer decorative options, including colour choices, flakes, and quartz, adding a touch of style to the functionality of resin floors.

After installation, MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited continues to support our clients in Chester with comprehensive aftercare services. We provide detailed maintenance advice and perform periodic checks and repairs as needed. This ensures that your resin flooring remains in optimal condition, extending its lifespan and maintaining its performance and appearance.

The versatility of resin flooring makes it ideal for various sectors across Chester. Industrial settings benefit from the floor’s robust nature, capable of withstanding the wear and tear from heavy machinery and equipment. Commercial spaces, including shopping centres and offices, appreciate the sleek, clean lines that resin floors offer, creating an inviting atmosphere for clients and employees alike. Additionally, the hygienic and easy-to-clean properties of resin floors make them particularly suitable for healthcare facilities, schools, and food service areas, where cleanliness is crucial.

At MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service in every project. As leading resin flooring contractors in Chester, our commitment extends beyond just meeting your flooring needs; we aim to exceed your expectations with flooring solutions that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. If you’re based in Chester or anywhere in the North West, are looking for an industrial flooring contractor, and are considering resin flooring, we invite you to get in touch. Let us transform your premises with a flooring solution that stands the test of time and continues to deliver value long after installation. Trust us, your local resin flooring experts in Chester, to provide a floor that not only meets but exceeds all your expectations.


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