12th April 2022

Resin Flooring Near Me

When scanning the internet, whether it be on videos, images or shopping, there is an abundance of ideas, styles and looks to resin flooring available for purchase from all over the country.  You may be tempted to just type in resin flooring into your search engine.  However, is there a benefit to you asking for “resin flooring near me?”  To answer that question, let us look at what kind of preparation you need to plan for and follow to get the most out of these flooring solutions.

Regardless of whether you require these products for commercial or domestic resin floors, you will want them to look good.  Granted, one of the main benefits of an epoxy resin flooring, is the hardiness and robustness it provides, therefore making it damage-free while making it easy to keep clean.  This makes it ideal for several areas for both the home and workplace.  Epoxy resin can even be used out of doors.

However, to make it look good, as well as provide the strength and cleanliness you require, good preparation is essential.  Our flooring specialists, not only supply everything you need for your epoxy resin surface, but we help you with the stages needed to create a great finish.  Therefore, when you ask for a company that can provide for your project, you also have a team of local flooring specialists that you can call on more easily, to help you with your poured resin floors.

Flooring Solutions

Domestic resin floors look amazing in any area of the home.  Due to the choice of styles, colours and effects you can have on a poured resin surface, there is no end to its applications.  You can use it to pour over your wooden boards to protect the wood and keep it fresh looking for many years to come, and you can use it over tiles.  Rather than covering your kitchen and other utility areas with carpet, lino or tiling, you can just ask for a decorative screed and we can offer you some absolutely beautiful materials perfect for the style and look you want.  It can even be used to create a polished concrete look for a garage or other areas such as a shed, or gym.

Preparing the Epoxy Resin Surface

Cleaning your surface is an essential part of being able to effectively get the epoxy resin flooring results you want.  However, when it comes to pouring resin, much more is needed than a general surface clean.  Sweeping, sanding, mopping and vacuuming are some of the methods of cleaning and prep you must employ to get rid of bits and dust to ensure a perfect finish to your flooring, and a good bond between the two.  Using materials such as an angle grinder to get into the smaller reaches of the area with a suction linked to a vacuum to limit dust, as well as a walk-behind grinder can help you get this preparation done quickly and effectively.  Shot blasters also help to provide the best bond you can get between the surface and the flooring systems.

Here at MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited, we can provide the ultimate flooring solutions as we can carry out the preparation and application for you.  Unlike other resin suppliers, we do not just provide the products for epoxy flooring, but can use our skills and knowledge to create it for you.  Therefore, by typing in “resin flooring near me”, all those in the North West have the full benefit of our expert services.  Please check out our previous projects to see some of the work we have completed.

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