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At MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited, based in Lancashire, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional resin flooring solutions tailored to the unique needs of supermarkets and the retail sector.

Our extensive experience and commitment to quality have established us as a trusted leader in the retail flooring industry across the North of England.

Our Resin Flooring Solutions for Retail Spaces

We offer a variety of resin flooring options suitable for retail settings, each tailored to meet different aesthetic and functional needs:
Epoxy Resin Flooring: Known for its robustness and long lifespan, epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for retail areas with heavy foot traffic. It is available in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing for customisation to match the retail brand’s theme.
Polyurethane Resin Flooring: This retail flooring type provides a slightly more flexible surface than epoxy, making it comfortable for customers and staff to walk on. Its resistance to UV light prevents fading, making it ideal for retail spaces with large storefront windows.
Decorative Resin Floors: Incorporating elements such as metallic finishes, coloured flakes, or quartz can transform a basic shop floor into a stunning surface that enhances the overall shopping experience. These retail floors are not only visually appealing but also maintain all the functional benefits of resin.

Our Installation Process for Retail Flooring

The installation of resin flooring in retail spaces is carried out with meticulous attention to detail by our skilled technicians:
Site Assessment: We thoroughly assess the existing shop floor condition and understand the client’s specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.
Surface Preparation: Proper preparation of the base retail floor is crucial to ensure optimal adhesion and a flawless finish. Techniques such as diamond grinding or shot blasting are used based on the condition of the substrate.
Application: The chosen resin floor material is carefully mixed and applied to create a smooth, seamless surface to the retail space. Special design elements or custom colors are added during this stage to meet the design specifications.
Curing and Finishing: After the resin has been applied, it needs time to cure, which can vary depending on the type of resin used. Once cured, additional features such as anti-slip coatings or final gloss finishes can be added for enhanced safety and aesthetic appeal.

Understanding the Needs of Retail Flooring

Retail spaces require flooring that combines high aesthetic appeal with the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic and the practicality for easy maintenance. The floor in a retail environment plays a crucial role in shaping the customer’s experience and can significantly influence their perception of the brand. Therefore, choosing the right flooring solution is vital for creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances shopping experiences while ensuring long-term performance.

The Importance of Aesthetic Appeal and Durability in Retail Flooring

In retail, the appearance of the floor is as important as its functionality. Our resin flooring solutions are designed to offer a wide range of finishes and colours, providing options that can complement any store design from chic boutiques to large department stores. The seamless nature of resin flooring also contributes to a modern, clean look that is essential for creating a positive first impression. Durability is another critical factor for retail floors due to constant customer traffic. Our resin floors are incredibly resilient, designed to resist scratches, abrasions, and stains, which are common in high-traffic retail environments. This durability ensures that the floor maintains its appearance over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lowering the overall maintenance costs.

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Why Choose MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited for Your Retail Flooring Needs?

Choosing MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited means partnering with a flooring specialist who understands the dynamics of retail environments. We are committed to providing retail flooring solutions that are not only visually stunning but also economically viable and long-lasting. Our proactive approach to customer service ensures that we deliver a personalised experience, from the initial consultation to the final installation and aftercare.
For retail businesses across the North of England, MCG Epoxy Coatings Limited offers flooring solutions that provide an excellent return on investment by enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space and reducing maintenance costs. Let us help you create a retail environment that stands out, inviting customers into a space that reflects the quality and style of your brand. Contact us today to discuss how our resin flooring solutions can transform your retail space.

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