12th October 2020

Why Use Self Smoothing Epoxy Systems?

Epoxy flooring systems have become the go-to flooring method for many applications since their introduction several decades ago, and for good reason.  The basic concept of a tough, stable layer of material as a floor surface has many advantages whether used in homes, businesses, industrial facilities, kitchens, hospitals, and elsewhere.  Also, since the chemicals used for this type of product are not derived from the natural world or waste products, but are carefully formulated in factories, they can be tweaked to imbue the finished product with a variety of additional properties which make it especially suitable for its chosen purpose.

One of the varieties of epoxy floor coatings which is especially recommended for certain areas is a type we are particularly familiar with here at MCG Epoxy Coatings.  Self smoothing epoxy systems are used in environments where cleanliness is an absolute priority, even to the point where the smallest bit of ingrained dirt on the floor surface could compromise the activities which take place there.  We’re talking about laboratories, operating theatres, and specialist food facilities – all places where people’s wellbeing could be put at risk by the smallest mistake, or by the most insignificant contaminant.

How do epoxy self-smoothing floor systems differ from the other products customers order from our Preston warehouse?  Well, think of it in terms of decorating a cake: when icing a tall, multi-layered wedding cake, a confectioner will use a thick, dry sugar mix which will adhere to the sides of the sponge layers without peeling off.  This type of icing can even be used to make small sculptural decorations, such as lettering or figurines.  This is the kind of consistency Flooring engineers need from screed systems which are used for warehouse floors and the like.

Now imagine pouring a pot of maple syrup over some warm waffles.  The sugar seeps into every crevice, runs down the sides of the confection onto the plate, and eventually forms a kind of glaze on the surface which is as attractive as it is delicious!  This is more like how self smoothing epoxy flooring systems settle on floor substrates.  These self smoothing systems are made to a very specific viscosity to create floor surfaces which even themselves out to a mirror shine.  That isn’t to say they can be used on badly damaged or uneven floors and expected to hide the cracks – after all, a waffle covered in syrup still looks like a waffle!  But by penetrating into the finest gaps and sealing any slightly rough surfaces, self smoothing epoxy systems make for floors which can be cleaned so thoroughly you can see your face in them.

Besides sterile environments, epoxy self-smoothing floor systems are often used for the premises of glamorous businesses like beauty salons and upmarket boutiques, as are quartz screed floors.  As long as the substrate is in good condition, professionally laid self smoothing systems can put the shine on any premises.  Contact MCG to learn more about self smoothing epoxy flooring systems.

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