Line Marking

Line Marking

In any industrial environment it is critical to have adequate health and safety signage in place, including clear floor markings for walkways, vehicle bays, hazardous areas, and so forth.  For top quality industrial floor painting Preston businesses know they can turn to MCG, the epoxy flooring specialists.

Industrial Line Marking Services in Preston

We understand that time is money when it comes to space – our warehouse floor line marking Preston based services aim to be completed in a single day, allowing the day to day activities of your business to continue with minimum disruption.  Realising the importance of internal line marking Preston firms in general have an excellent record of limiting industrial accidents by maintaining their passive H&S infrastructure.  It’s good to know that thanks to a concept as simple as floor line painting Preston industries are a little bit safer.

Floor Marking Contractors in Preston

In ten years of offering superior epoxy flooring and industrial line marking Preston wide, MCG Epoxy Coatings have developed relationships with dozens of high profile customers and at the same time refined our industrial floor painting Preston process to a fine art.  By using the same quality floor marking Preston based products for line painting as we employ in our flooring finishes, we provide lining which will prove resilient in high traffic areas and under the toughest conditions.  Pallets, fork lift trucks and an army of work boots all take their toll on your premises floor surface – that’s why we have scoured the market to bring you the highest performing epoxy flooring products to offer long life and outstanding performance at your premises.  When such finishes are allied with epoxy line marking Preston businesses can avail themselves of an all-in-one flooring solution which will enhance the operation and safety of factories, warehouses and workshops.


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