You wouldn’t dream of shipping a consignment of your most valuable products overseas without checking that all handing arrangements were in place, nor would you take on a large service contract without being sure you could source the necessary equipment and personnel. Lack of preparation in business matters is one of the key reasons why 60% of UK businesses fail within the first 3 years.

When it comes to the building trade, the same rule applies. For concreters and roofers, steel erectors and joiners alike, preparing the site, materials and tools for a job is one of the most important steps toward a satisfactory result. This is true on both small (‘measure twice, cut once’) and large scales.

Epoxy Floor Paint Preparation

Epoxy floor coatings are no exception to the rule that preparation is the key to success. When we founded MCG Epoxy Coatings Ltd, we laid the groundwork for our business by doing thorough research into all aspects of the flooring trade and finding the right people to ensure that we could offer the highest quality products consistently and at competitive rates. This preparation has paid off as our company has passed the one, three, and five year milestones, and has now been trading for over ten years.

We put the same care and professionalism into every job we do, large or small. Surface preparation for epoxy flooring is critical to achieving the optimum results, and at MCG we spare no effort in ensuring the highest quality results every time.

How To Prep Garage Floor For Epoxy Paint

A smooth, level surface is the primary goal of epoxy resin floor preparation. Our vacuum assisted grinding machines can prepare the surface, and remove all the waste material. Working with our design team will yield a practical and robust floor surface which will last for years.