Here at MCG Epoxy Coatings Ltd, we offer a range of different epoxy floor coatings to suit the requirements of the job at hand. The most common choice for epoxy coated areas is the high build coating system thanks to its durability and smooth finish, sure to offer a long-lasting look.

Our range of products are simple to clean and do not have a strong odour when being applied. Additionally, you can select certain properties, including chemical resistance, slip resistance, non-dusting and more. In addition to the high build coating system, we also offer self-smoothing coating systems, polyurethane screed systems, decorative quartz screed systems, resin-bound systems, pump screed systems and line marking.


High build systems are applied by roller and are suited for most industrial floors including concrete, sand and cement screeds, it provides a hard wearing, decorative, and dust free finish. The chemical and oil resistance of the epoxy coating makes the product ideal for factory and warehouse units, automotive workshops and areas where a thoroughly cleanable finish is required.

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Self smoothing systems are applied at a nominal thickness of 3mm to 5mm they are most suited to areas where a jointed finish (tile, sheet) are not acceptable. It’s ideal for areas where maximum cleanliness and durability is paramount including food processing, laboratories, clean rooms, operating theatres and general areas. The product is also chemical resistant.

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Polyurethane screed systems is a seamless finish with excellent slip resistance, it is able to withstand steam cleaning and pressure washing, applied at a nominal thickness of 6mm to 12mm depending on the general usage of the area. The product is ideal for food manufacture, production, processing, chemical processing, and heavy duty plant traffic area.

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Decorative quartz screed is a solvent-free system with blended decorative quartz aggregate bound with clear epoxy resin and finished with clear seal coats. It provides a high-strength chemically resistant floor that can be coved and laid to drainage falls. It is ideally suited to medium-duty production areas, circulation areas and laboratories due to its chemical resistance and high strength. The product is applied at a nominal thickness of 4mm to 6mm.

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The resin bound system is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrian and vehicle trafficked surfaces such as paths, walkways, pavements, patio areas, driveways, car park bays and small car parks as a more visually appealing alternative to concrete, tarmac or block paving. The system is functional, highly decorative, can be laid without joints and is slightly flexible. It offers an attractive alternative to concrete, tarmac or block paving. This open matrix construction is in line with the requirements of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

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Used for most industrial floors including concrete, and sand and cement screeds that provides a hard wearing, coloured line marked area. The system only takes one day which is useful in areas that require a fast return to service such as walk ways, entrances and exits.

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Ementitious floor screed offers speed, strength and durability, creating stronger, smoother, longer lasting floors with minimal down-time. The speed of application is up to ten times faster than traditional screeds and the fast drying/curing properties allow forklift traffic or resin finishes to be applied within 24 hours.

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