Decorative Quartz Screed

A smooth epoxy floor with a high gloss finish is an attractive sight, but in some environments our customers prefer an option which will further improve the appearance of the space without compromising on practicality. Quartz epoxy resin flooring is made up of decorative quartz aggregate which is then bound with clear epoxy resin and finished with clear seal coats. All epoxy based flooring systems are easy to clean and enhance the look of your facility, but a decorative quartz screed adds another dimension with an understated elegance. The surfaces of the tiny pieces of quartz catch the light in such a way as to impart a feeling of quality without appearing brash or gaudy. Quartz is a type of stone and therefore does not compromise the longevity of weight bearing characteristics of the floor.

As always, preparation is the key to successfully laying Epoxy Quartz Screed Flooring. As with any decorative building feature, fit and finish are key, and if the floor surface is not cleaned and smoothed properly the overall effect of the flooring will be marred. MCG Epoxy Coatings have over a decade’s experience in laying Decorative Quartz Screed Systems and we know how to use these products to best effect.

Epoxy Quartz Screed Flooring in Showrooms

Displaying larger products, such as vehicles or other large machinery, can be challenging in terms of creating an environment which shows the items off to best effect, but will be hard wearing enough to give service over a long period without requiring constant maintenance. Decorative Quartz Screed Systems offer the resilience of all epoxy systems along with an extra level of appeal.

Decorative Quartz Screed in Salons

Hair and beauty salons rely heavily on their image, but also value an environment which keeps cleaning up as easy as possible. Decorative Quartz Screed Systems are ideal for this application.

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