High Build Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy resin flooring systems offer several distinct advantages over concrete, paved or tiled floors. For one thing, not even the best laid paving can come close to the smooth finish offered by the finishes we offer, which is why epoxy resin flooring systems are the perfect choice for any environment which must be at once hard wearing and easy to clean.

High build epoxy flooring systems are particularly flexible as the product used is thick enough to iron out any slight imperfections in the substrate and produce a flawlessly smooth finish. The viscosity of high build epoxy floor coating means that usually only a single coat is required to achieve a satisfactory result. This limits the time taken by the whole process, and therefore minimizes the disruption to your business. If the high build epoxy floor coating is to be applied to a porous surface, a primer should be used first.

High Build Systems For Garages

In automotive workshops, it is not uncommon for chemicals like diesel, oil and coolant to be spilled on the floor, and this can create a hazard for employees. A smooth high build epoxy floor coating causes such spillages to pool in one place, rather than running unchecked across the workshop floor, making for an easier clean up operation.

High Build Systems For Warehouse Units

Keeping a busy warehouse clean can be a full time job, especially with a paved floor surface where the dirt gets right in between the cracks. But there’s no such problem with high build epoxy flooring systems.

High Build Systems For Factories

Manufacturing machinery works best when it on a level floor and in a clean environment. Fortunately, high build epoxy flooring systems from MCG Epoxy Coatings are here to help! Contact our team for more details.

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