Pump Screed

Polyurethane screed flooring offers the last word in toughness for environments which are very demanding on floor surfaces. All epoxy floor coatings share advantages such as seamless finishes and easy-to-clean smoothness, but the use of some epoxies is constrained by their limitations. These limitations can include weight bearing properties, and heat and chemical sensitivities.

Heavy duty polyurethane screed flooring systems are the preferred solution for high traffic industrial environments. A tremendously versatile type of material, polyurethane resin floors can be used almost anywhere, from engineering workshops to facilities where food grade cleanliness is required.

Polyurethane resin flooring systems offer greater resistance to fats, acids and other chemicals when compared to high build and self smoothing epoxy floors. But one of the properties of this system customers value most is that they can stand up to steam cleaning and pressure washing. This means areas which are regularly subjected to high volumes of waste can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned, ready for the next shift. Add to this their excellent wear, abrasion and impact resistance characteristics, self-sealing nature and natural anti-slip finish, and it’s easy to see why polyurethane screed flooring systems are among the most popular choices for our industrial customers.

With a combined industry experience of over sixty years, our team are in the ideal position to recommend polyurethane resin flooring systems to our customers. When applied at a nominal thickness of 6-12mm, these products will give many years of service and still look clean and functional. Book an in-house consultation with our team to find out more about the advantages of polyurethane screed flooring and explore the possibilities of various floor surfaces for your facility. We are happy to share all we’ve learned with our customers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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