Resin Bound Flooring Southport

MCG Epoxy Coatings provide epoxy coatings, Southport locals, industrial and commercial companies, and community services can trust. We provide a great choice of resin bound flooring Southport customers can have in a large number of applications.

Whether you need something simply functional to replace tired and dusty garage flooring, something sturdy for heavy duty access, or you have old floorboards or tiles that requires a revamp to make them last longer, we have just what you need. And with our choice of self smoothing epoxy systems, Southport customers will find it is even easier to apply.

As long as the correct preparations are made before application our polyurethane resin floors, Southport customers can purchase, will last for many years, providing a robust surface that is scratch resistant, and perfect for warehouse conversion, and even for out door use with resin bound driveways, or slip resistant floors within kitchens and bathrooms.

The wide applications that resin flooring can be used for makes it the perfect choice for places where cleanliness is of paramount importance. Hospitals, restaurant kitchens and even gym and swimming pool facilities can look smart, while remaining easy to clean.

For instance, uneven and broken surfaces provide places where bacteria can hide, making it difficult to keep hygiene levels where if should be in such buildings and areas. Polyurethane flooring can smooth over even the most uneven surfaces, and is strong enough that it doesn’t easily break or crack, even when heavy items are regularly moved over its surface.

This smooth, yet tough surface provided by a polyurethane flooring, Southport customers have available, means that it is also ideal for use in industrial buildings where heavy-duty machinery and even vehicles often have access.

Health and safety guidelines need to be followed carefully in these industries, and our epoxy line marking, Southport industrial business owners can have laid down, can encourage this by providing clear indications of walkways and authorised areas marked on the floor itself. We can even provide the markings along with our resin for either indoor multi-story carparks or outdoor parking bays.

With our quartz floor screeds, Southport shopping centres, boutiques, cafes, barbers, supermarkets and eateries can also benefit from this kind of flooring without having to compromise of style. There are a huge choice of effects and colours available to have as a resin bound flooring, meaning that there really is no limit to where MCG can apply their epoxy of polyurethane to make your property look it’s best at all times.

Playgrounds, skating parks, public footpaths and outdoor school facilities can also make use of our resin bound surfaces that are also slip resistant, making it a great choice throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

Our Epoxy coating and resin flooring specialists can advise you on the best kind of flooring for you, in line with the ideas you have. They have the experience needed to ensure it is laid to a professional standard, and can help a wide array of industries with a huge choice of products for any flooring needs in Southport. Contact us today for more information.