10th February 2021

The Beauty of Decorative Quartz Screed

At MCG Epoxy Coatings, we have a record in supplying and laying epoxy quartz screed flooring Preston competitors can’t beat.  What are decorative quartz screed systems, and why are they the hot ticket in epoxy floor coatings right now?

Resin epoxy systems have become the gold standard floor systems for industrial and commercial premises, and are sometimes used in private homes.  Epoxy quartz screed flooring is just one example of a range of products which offer many advantages for a wide range of applications.  All resin floor coatings are smooth and hard wearing, making them perfect for areas which experience heavy traffic or must bear weighty loads.  They are also easy to clean and can be laid without seams or joints, which makes them very hygienic.  Besides quartz epoxy resin flooring, Preston businesses renovating their premises can specify high build epoxy systems for imperfect substrates, polyurethane screed surfaces where unmatched toughness is required, or resin bound systems which make your floor an architectural feature.  As you can see, there are plenty of high gloss finish floors Preston builders and property managers can choose from, and all of these are available from MCG Epoxy Coatings.

But for most retail companies, and many of our industrial customers too, there is a firm favourite when it comes to choosing an epoxy floor finish for their shop, showrooms, and public areas.  When they see what can be achieved with decorative quartz screed, Preston shopkeepers are anxious to transform their properties with this attractive and practical option.  What makes decorative quartz screed so unique, and what options are there within the range of products available from your local supplier?

Imagine a whisky glass, containing a measure of your favourite single malt.  Many whiskey glasses – especially those made by the traditional manufacturers – feature deeply cut ornate patterns.  The angled surfaces catch the light, and make the glass appear to sparkle as the reflections are cast around the room.  The same principle used to create even more spectacular effects in the case of crystal chandeliers.

Quartz screed flooring uses a similar, though far less expensive, approach to add a touch of glamour to your floor surface.  The angled surfaces of the quartz reflect the light like a whisky glass, adding a sparkle to your premises.  Since the makeup of the product is almost the same as our other systems, none of the advantages mentioned above are lost.  Thanks to our decorative quartz screed systems, Preston City centre shops are offering their customers a new premium shopping experience.  Consider a couple of examples:

No one wants to buy a luxury car in an environment which feels like a back street garage.  When they see the results of quartz screed flooring in showrooms, Preston car dealers can’t wait for us to come and give their site a makeover.  We are also frequently asked to install decorative quartz screed in salons, where making the customers feel glamorous is all part of the service.

Various hues and installation options are available.  Contact us today to learn more about quartz screeds.

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