21st September 2022

Why Go with Epoxy Coatings?

Epoxy coatings and polyurethane flooring systems have long been used in the commercial and industrial sectors, but are growing in popularity for domestic settings as well.  Whether it be for an outdoor driveway, a bathroom or kitchen, or just a dusty old garage floor, there are plenty of reasons why customers up and down the country may decide to have quality epoxy resin flooring, or other resin floorings for their homes, or businesses.

When trying to plan the layout of industrial premises, the style and colour scheme are not always the main priority.  However, this material can also help with the safety standards that must be adhered to in any business setting, by using colours and paints that can be added and applied to the resin flooring, to allow for walkways, loading bays, a path for forklift trucks and other heavy-duty machinery, and other arrows and written instructions to be clearly marked out on the floor.  However, this ability to purchase colours and even add texture adds to the epoxy resin advantages, in that you can use it to fit in with a style in a home setting, — by having colours applied that fit in with your décor.  Therefore, the applications of epoxy flooring are a lot broader than you might at first think.

Bathrooms and kitchens whether for commercial premises or for the home setting can be made with an anti-slip quality to it, that allows you to keep the floor clean without a wet floor suddenly becoming a serious hazard.  This also means that it is ideal for outdoor play areas, indoor or outdoor pools, and wet rooms and shower floors, which, unlike laminate or carpet, can protect the flooring underneath from any water damage.

This kind of flooring can also brighten up an area considerably, offering a gloss finish that can spruce up even old wooden boards.  This makes it perfect for brightening up smaller rooms.

More Epoxy Coating Advantages

Epoxy flooring provides a smooth and durable surface, that is easy to clean.  This smooth surface that does not easily become damaged, despite accidents, spillages and heavy things moving or dropping upon the surface, makes it very hygienic and easy to keep clean.  When other surfaces such as ceramic tiles or vinyl become damaged, cracked, or start to lift from the surface, grease, dust, food particles and other dirt can accumulate and hide despite regular cleaning, and therefore harbour bacteria.  Resin coatings do not easily crack, and it certainly does not lift from the surface with ease, allowing you the ability to keep it dust free and eliminate a build-up of bacteria.  Because it is a seamless surface, there is nowhere for food crumbs, grease, or dust to hide.  This also makes resin flooring the ideal choice for children’s play areas, either in a nursery or in the home, especially when young ones are first crawling about before they learn to walk.

The strength of resin coatings makes it ideal for highly trafficked areas such as an industrial storage unit, a commercial kitchen area, a mechanics garage, or even a large shed and greenhouse area.  However, a durable floor is always advantageous even if it is just for a home setting.

The Applications

Will Epoxy Resin or polyurethane flooring systems adhere to any surface?  It can be applied to almost any kind of surface so long as the floors have been prepared properly, and you use the right materials.  Always check with your local resin flooring specialists to make sure what materials are right for you.  Here at MCG Epoxy flooring, we are more than happy to help all of our customers, no matter what you require, in finding the right materials for them, and can even complete the installation from the preparation right down to the curing of the resin.

There may be the odd occasion when resin or polyurethane is not suitable for your needs.  However, it is always worth checking first.

One of the best advantages of resin is that it is quick to install, and requires very little maintenance to keep it in great condition. 

Resin Flooring Specialists

For a high-quality epoxy resin flooring, contact the experts.  Here at MCG Epoxy Coatings, we not only provide the best products and tools on the market for great results, but we can make the preparation needed to make the bonding process a success, and fully install your flooring to meet your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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