19th March 2021

Will Resin Floor Coatings Crack?

Here at MCG Epoxy Coatings, we specialise in both epoxy coatings and resin flooring systems. We carry out polyurethane resin bound flooring installation services from our base in Preston, having been operating as a company for over a decade. Whether a home, business or otherwise, flooring faces the brunt of daily wear and tear as we walk on it each day. Resin flooring is known to be used across many industries, including warehouses, in retail and commercial environments, in the food and drink industry, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive and aerospace. We get a number of questions about our resin floor coatings, and today we will be focussing on one key question: will resin floor coatings crack?

Flooring Made to Last

When you go to the trouble installing a flooring system, you want to be sure it’s made to last. It’s not unheard of to see cracks form on flooring, which can pose a risk to health and safety measures, as well as being unpleasant aesthetically, and being more difficult to clean. Cracks are a common problem when it comes to concrete flooring, whether due to accidents, dropped items, or general wear. Cracks then need repairing in order to avoid the build-up of dirt, dust and other contaminants, and this can be costly.

What is Resin Bound Surfacing?

An alternative to concrete flooring, resin bound flooring is made a combination of a durable aggregate with a high-performance mixing resin, fused using forced action mixer. Resin bound surfacing can be overlaid on a tarmac or concrete bed, forming an attractive and functional layer suitable for footpaths, driveways, small car parks, and all kinds of outdoor pedestrianised areas. Resin bound flooring systems have many benefits, such as being slip resistant in wet conditions, and being weed and frost resistant. During a resin bound installation, the liquid forms a seamless layer over the area, and once set, the surface is also permeable. This not only means that it has great its aesthetic qualities and prevention of gradual damage due to plant growth or freeze-thaw action, but it also means that it is SUDS-compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). As a result, water can easily drain away through the top layer to the base layer below.  This means that when applied to a carefully cambered substrate, water will never pool to form puddles, and potential flood risks are alleviated.

Will Resin Floor Coatings Crack?

Unlike the risks that come with both epoxy and concrete flooring systems, resin bound flooring can stand up more to continued use, being six times more flexible than epoxy, which allows for greater fluctuation in the floor, avoiding cracks appearing. As cracks in a property are often caused by the building settling, this process can’t be prevented, but with resin flooring, the cracks shouldn’t show within the floor coating, so it is effective at protecting your floor, as well as the environment, and providing an excellent finish to the floor.

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